About Me

I am Etienne “tek” Maynier, an activist, security analyst and researcher.

Drawing by _lila*

I am currently working as a Technologist in the infosec team of Human Rights Watch to protect the organization against digital threats.

I am also an active member of Echap where I develop resources and trainings for women shelters, and developer of several tools. I was a Mozilla Open Web Fellow in 2016 - 2017, a research fellow at the Citizen Lab until April 2021, and worked for Amnesty International from 2019 to 2023.

I enjoy listening and playing music, learning about popular education and political history and theory.


Talks & Trainings#

Online Courses#

During my spare time, I like learning about new topics, mostly through online courses. Here is some of the one I have done:

This website#

This website is made using Hugo and a fork of the Codex theme. The portrait drawing was made by _lila*. Many illustrations in this website come from Matt Dixon Transmissions work with his kind authorization.

The content of this website is published under CC-BY-SA license